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Radiant Heating 101

Radiant heating refers to heat supply that originates in the floor, wall panels, or ceiling of a home. These systems depend on infrared radiation to displace heat directly to a given space. Radiant Heating is a fantastic option for PNW homeowners and businesses!

At Columbia Heating & Cooling, we provide radiant heating installation services for homeowners and businesses. You will LOVE how radiant heating transforms your space and increases your comfort level. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of radiant heating in detail.

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6 Radiant Heat Benefits

1 – Increased Energy Efficiency

There are two types of radiant flooring — water-based and electric-based systems. Water-based heating uses piping to run warm water through a space and provide heating, whereas electric underfloor heating uses wiring beneath the floor to generate heat.

Traditional radiators need to reach temperatures as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit to heat spaces, whereas radiant floor heating only reaches a temperature of around 85 degrees before it can warm a room properly. Therefore, radiant heating uses far less energy to keep your home cozy, which results in lower monthly bills.

2 – Limited to No Maintenance

After installation, your radiant heating will require limited, if any, maintenance. Most radiant heating systems also come with decades long warranties for peace of mind. Ask our experts what you can expect long-term when we install your radiant heating system.

3- Increase Space & Design Freedom

Furnaces and other heating systems can take up a lot of extra space in your home. With radiant heating, you can enjoy the full square footage of your home or business. You have full freedom of design, making it easy to create a space that is uniquely yours. You won’t have to worry about unsightly heating systems bogging down your style or taking away from the overall look you want to achieve.

4 – Provide Safety & Comfort

With radiant heating, sharp edges and hot surfaces from traditional systems are a thing of the past. Younger and older family members can stay safe when the heating system is safely housed underneath the floor.

Those aging-in-place also benefit from consistent heating in every room. With warmth coming directly from the floor, you can avoid temperature extremes or uncomfortable changes from room to room.

5 – Works with All Floor Coverings

Whether you have carpet, wood, linoleum, or other floor coverings, radiant heating is compatible with virtually all floor finishes. If you are unsure if radiant floor heating is compatible with your current flooring, be sure to give us a call.

6 – Easy to Install

Radiant heating is easy to install. Typical installations do not require more than a day or two of work and you can start using your system right away once installation is complete. For an estimate on how long your project will take, give our team a call.


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