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Written by Columbia HVAC

Featured Product of the Month: Carrier Digital Thermostat

Our featured product of the month is one that just makes life a little easier, more comfortable, and more convenient. Digital thermostats, working in conjunction with your HVAC system, allow you more precise control over the temperature of your home and will help you conserve energy and save money.

Digital thermostat technology has come a long way and Carrier models now have capabilities that stretch well beyond the standard thermostat. Carrier thermostats have the ability to customize and control the comfort of your home in more ways than ever before. There is truly a thermostat out there to satisfy the home comfort needs of everyone.

Some Carrier digital thermostat models feature:

Wi-Fi® remote access
You’ll be able to control your home’s temperature from the couch or from across the country. Not only does this feature increase convenience and comfort, it helps regulate your energy usage when you’re away from home, which leads to energy bill savings.

Energy savings
Some Carrier thermostat models are designed to reduce energy usage in your home. Homeowners have save an average of 20% on their heating and cooling energy costs by using a combination of Carrier heating and cooling products and digital thermostats to regulate the temperature of their home.

Zoning compatible technology
Add zoning capabilities to your HVAC system and have even more customization options. Most Carrier digital thermostats are zone compatible and some employ Carrier’s ComfortZone™ technology. These thermostat models allow you to program temperatures for up to eight different zones and in seven day cycles.

Easy-to-use programming
We have so many electronic gadgets in our lives today, why add something to your daily life that’s difficult to manage? Carrier digital thermostats offer simple and easy-to-use programmable options. Some models have Touch-N-Go® programming which enables quick, energy-saving, setting changes.

Take control of the comfort of your home and add a Carrier digital thermostat. Columbia Heating and Cooling offers a FREE programmable thermostat for any “all new” installation. That includes a furnace/AC OR a furnace/heat pump. Contact us today at (503) 624-2704 to get started!