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Tigard residents can’t go without heat during the winter. When a heating system suddenly fails to work, temperatures can drop to unpleasant or even dangerous levels throughout your home or office. If you need a heating repair or maintenance, Columbia Heating & Cooling is here to assist you.

Why Choose Columbia Heating & Cooling for Your Heating Repair?

If problems occur within your heating system, it’s critical that you get help from an experienced heater expert. The team at Columbia Heating & Cooling has nearly 40 years of experience diagnosing and fixing heater problems throughout the greater Tigard area. We offer competitive rates and strive to give you the best customer service from the moment we answer the phone.

Signs You Need Your Heater Repaired

Some of the most common heater problems that signify a repair issue include:

#1: Unusual Sounds Coming From Your Heating System

If you hear banging, knocking, or screeching sounds originating from your heating unit, there could be a part loose or broken. 

#2: Burning Smells

This type of smell is expected if you haven’t used your heater in a while. However, if the smell doesn’t subside after a couple of hours, it’s important that we look into the issue further to ensure that the unit hasn’t overheated. 

#3: Compressor Always Running

When the compressor is on 24/7, your heating system may struggle to reach an adequate temperature, causing repair issues.

#4: Compressor Short-Cycling

If a heat exchanger overheats, short-cycling can occur, which causes your heating system to turn off out of the blue. 

#5: Increased Utility Bills

Leakages and clogged filters can cause your heating system to overwork, making your electric bill go up. 

#6: Heat Unevenly Distributed Throughout House

If some areas of your house remain cold, you may have vent blockages or another repair problem at play.

#7: Filter Cluttered With Dust

Too much dust in your heating system can cause allergy symptoms, poor air quality, and other issues.

#8: Insufficient Heat Coming From Vents

Finding yourself having to crank your heat up often? Your HVAC system may be expending too much energy and need a repair to boost its efficiency. 

#9: Yellow Burner Flame

The flame in your heating system’s burner should be blue. A yellow flame may signify carbon monoxide, which is dangerous to all of those in the home or office. 

#10: Outdated Heating System

Most heating systems last about 15 to 20 years. If you’ve been noticing multiple issues with your furnace or heat pump, the chances are that you need a heating repair (or possibly even a replacement).

How to Troubleshoot Your Heating Problems at Home Before Calling a Technician

Have you experienced any of the above problems but are unsure if you need a professional heating repair in Tigard? First, consider troubleshooting the problem to determine if heater services are right for you. 

Here are some ways to troubleshoot your heating system: 

  • Clean and/or switch out your filter.
  • Check your circuit breaker to ensure that the furnace switch is on.
  • Make sure the thermostat is turned on and set to the correct temperature. 

Schedule a Heating Repair Near Me | Tigard, OR

If you’re certain that you need heating repair or heater maintenance services, consult with the team at Columbia Heating & Cooling. We specialize in heating and cooling in Tigard and possess a wealth of knowledge concerning HVAC systems. When you set a repair appointment with us, you can rest assured that we have your heating needs handled. 

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