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Tigard Air Conditioner (AC) Service

Air conditioners work to keep you cool when it comes time to beat the heat. For almost 40 years, the experts at Columbia Heating and Cooling have helped over 40,000 customers in the Portland metro area maintain total comfort – one tune up, repair, and installation at a time. We work with top manufacturers like Carrier to bring you top quality, energy efficient products for your home or business.

Tune Up

Underserviced air conditioners can lose 5 – 10% efficiency and drive up your cooling costs. Regular tune ups keep HVAC units healthy and operating optimally. At Columbia Heating and Cooling, we provide multi-point maintenance and inspections to prevent more expensive repairs, lost efficiency, and your compromised comfort. Schedule a tune-up once in the spring to ensure your air conditioner is ready for the summer heat, and again in the fall to give it some much needed TLC after a season of hard work. 


Is your home taking longer to cool down? Perhaps you’ve noticed that your A/C doesn’t perform well in higher temperatures? Rather than overworking your air conditioner by setting the thermostat at frigid temperatures, call our NATE certified technicians to get your home back in balance. From diagnosis to total repair, Columbia Heating and Cooling is here to help. 


When it comes time to replace an air conditioner, selecting which brand and size are best for your home can be tricky and have large implications for the efficiency and longevity of your unit – along with your monthly utility costs. That’s why the professionals at Columbia HVAC offer a 100% free estimate for replacement installations. Get the right unit for your home at a fair price.


The need for a new air conditioner doesn’t always arise at an ideal time – but that doesn’t mean you have to live in discomfort. When you purchase a new unit through Columbia Heating and Cooling, you have options. We’ve teamed up with Microf, Payzer, and Wells Fargo so that our customers can rent-to-own, take out a loan, or pay off their Carrier products over time. Learn more about our financing options on our Financing page.

Let us take care of the air you live in!

Let’s add you to Columbia’s list of over 40,000 happy customers. Contact one of our HVAC experts today to schedule your service.