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What Is a Heat Pump?

Heat pump systems provide you with both heating and cooling comfort in one system. In addition, they help you save on your energy bills. Compared to other HVAC systems, heat pump installations give you a high-efficiency, environmentally friendly alternative.

We install, repair, and replace heat pumps of all brands and types. Our certified technicians install heat pumps in existing homes, for new construction, and for local businesses. 

Our technicians are here to provide the advice you need to get the right product for your needs. We take into account your current heating and cooling costs, square footage, budget, and other factors to ultimately determine the best heat pump installation for your unique situation.

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Benefits of Heat Pumps

Installing or upgrading to a heat pump system has many benefits for your household or business. Here are some you can look forward to when you schedule a heat pump installation from Columbia Heating & Cooling:

1. Lower Energy Costs

Heating systems powered by heat pumps tend to be more economical over their lifetime. Because they consume less energy, they are cheaper to run. Heating systems powered by heat pumps save thousands of dollars over their lifetime.

2. Increased Safety

A heat pump uses electricity instead of burning fuel to generate heat, so it is a safer form of heating; it involves fewer safety concerns.

3. Less Maintenance 

Heat pumps are ideal for households or businesses that wish to reduce their HVAC maintenance costs. Rather than calling in a technician for maintenance once or twice a year, you can usually get by doing it every three to five years.

4. Less Carbon Emissions

Installing a heat pump gives you the opportunity to contribute positively to the environment and reduce your carbon emissions. A heat pump is a great option if you plan on being more environmentally conscious and want to have a positive impact.

5. 2-in-1 Unit

One of the benefits of heat pumps is the fact that they can be used in both heating and cooling applications. In the winter, the system mimics a heater. During the summer, it works like an AC unit.

6. Longer Life Span

Depending on maintenance, the type of model you choose, and other factors, heat pumps can last up to 50 years. They are an exceptionally reliable source of heat for decades to come.

7. Rebates for Installs

Our team can tell you what rebate offers available in your area if you reside in Oregon and Washington. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get rewarded for a heat pump installation this year.

These are just some of the great benefits you will love when you receive a reliable, professional installation from Columbia Heating & Cooling. Contact us now to learn even more about these incredible HVAC systems and how your new unit will benefit your household or business.


Financing for Heat Pump Installation | Tigard, OR

Want to install a heat pump today and pay for it over an extended period of time? No problem! We understand that waiting is often not an option when you need to install or replace a new system ASAP. Thanks to the Well Fargo Home Projects Credit Card, we ensure our customers’ peace of mind and home’s comfort.

You can receive your heat pump installation or repair right now, while making easy payments over time with the Wells Fargo Home Projects Credit card. Be sure to ask us how you can benefit from this special financing for the installation of your heat pump in Tigard.

Learn more over on our Financing Page.


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