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Reminder: Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fan

A couple of simple rules can help you save energy and money as you utilize your home ceiling fans. A ceiling fan can help you reduce the use of your central HVAC system, which will not only save on energy costs, but will help extend the life of the unit.

Warm Weather
Set your fan to spin counterclockwise during the summer. The direction of airflow forces the air down to produce a wind-chill effect.

Cold Weather
Set your fan to spin clockwise during the fall and winter. A clockwise spinning fan produces an updraft and forces warm air near the ceiling to flow down into the room.

Changing the direction of your ceiling fan is easy. Most modern ceiling fans come with a remote or wall control which makes changing direction as simple as pressing a button. If you don’t have this option, find the switch on the actual fan motor near the blades to change the directions.

Make the most of your ceiling fans, and save more on your utility bills, by having an energy efficient HVAC system installed. We’re available to help you find the best products and services for your home.

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