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6 Ways Pet Owners Can Be More Energy Efficient

Pet owners may be at a disadvantage when it comes to energy bill costs as they tend to spend more money on utilities in order to keep their pets comfortable. While it’s important to provide a safe and humane environment for your animals, there may be a few things your pets can go without. It might be time to take stock of your energy habits and see if there are ways to cut back on energy usage. Read on to learn ways to reduce energy costs without compromising your pet’s health and happiness.

Turn off the lights
Pets are not known to need artificial light. Keeping lights on during the day can even disrupt an animals’ natural sleep pattern.

Turn off your fans
Fans aren’t necessary in keeping your pet cool, as cats and dogs don’t sweat. Birds in particular dislike drafts and most originate from tropical climates and prefer warmer temperatures.

Turn off your TV
It’s not likely that your pet is actually watching it. If you feel your pet needs background noise, try turning on a battery-operated radio.

Use an energy efficient pet door
Pet doors can be drafty, particularly if it hasn’t been resealed after several winters of use. If you’re planning to install a pet door, look for an energy-efficient design (insulated, sealed securely, functions in extreme temperatures).

Don’t run the faucet
Animals are instinctively attracted to running water, but running a faucet for your pet isn’t helping  to conserve water and definitely not saving you money. Instead buy a pet fountain, which is more energy efficient and provides a circulating flow of water, which deters bacteria growth.

Use a programmable thermostat
Consult your vet to find out what temperature or environment your particular pet’s breed is most comfortable living in (i.e. pugs, bulldogs and Sphynx cats like warmer temperatures). Adjust your thermostat accordingly.

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