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Written by Columbia HVAC

Use Your A/C for a Good Night’s Sleep

Did you know? Running your air conditioner at night may be impacting your sleep.

We all know that excessive heat and humidity can make sleep unbearable. But did you know what running an A/C unit inefficiently can also leave you tired the next day?  If you live in a densely populated urban area, it’s even more important to keep cool because temperatures tend to remain higher overnight.

Here are our top tips for keeping cool and sleeping well this summer:

1. Select the Correct Temperature

Research suggests that humans sleep better in slightly cooler temperatures. Our sleep patterns can be disrupted by temperatures that go above 75 degrees or dip below 65. As we age, our preferred temperature can also change. It’s good to remember that the elderly tend to be more sensitive to temperature changes and their preferences may be narrower.

2. Sleep Mode

Recent studies show that people who sleep in near vents regularly experience disruptions in sleep that coincide with the A/C unit’s airflow cycles. Sleep Mode on your air conditioner will automatically lower the velocity of the airflow while you sleep – meaning you’re less likely to wake up.

Sleep Mode also increases the temperature gradually overnight. Once we’re asleep our bodies don’t need the room to be as cold to feel comfortable. We (usually) don’t need the same level of cooling in the morning as we do in the warm evenings, either. Sleep mode can help keep your home comfortable for longer periods.

3. Replace Your Air Filters Regularly

Replacing your filters regularly not only enhances your air quality and reduces allergies, it also ensures your air conditioning unit runs efficiently and saves you money on utility costs in the long run. We recommend replacing your air filters at least once every 3 month.

The summer has arrived, and our professionals are ready to help you with all your cooling needs. Give us a call today to schedule maintenance or get a FREE replacement quote.