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Is your air conditioning on full blast, but your home still feels warm somehow? Talk to an AC repair company about an inspection. Columbia Heating & Cooling offers quality AC repairs and tune-ups for your convenience.

When to Get Your Air Conditioner Repaired

How can you tell if you need an AC repair? Here are three signs:


#1: Leaks

In ACs, leaks come in many forms, such as water or refrigerant. If you see water leaking from your AC, you might have a clogged drain line or an issue with your pump or pan.

Refrigerant is much more dangerous than water, and it can be hard to tell the difference. You might notice refrigerant leaks in the accumulator, condensing coil, evaporator coil, or suction line dryer.


#2: Airflow Restrictions

If your AC lacks the proper airflow, a repair could fix your issue. (This is also something we can pick up on during routine maintenance.) Often, problems with your airflow are caused by a blockage in your condenser unit or vents. 

You might also consider changing your filter to see if that fixes the problem before calling in your local HVAC repair team. Your filter protects your air and ducts from dirt and debris. If the filter hasn’t been changed in a while, it could affect your airflow and cause your home to turn warm, stuffy, and uncomfortable.


#3: Loud Noises

It’s not uncommon to hear your AC’s motor. However, beware of most other sounds, especially grating, grinding, or squeaking. Squeaking and related sounds could mean that your outdoor fan motors and blower motors in your home need a repair or replacement. Our HVAC professionals will also check your blower wheel. 

If you wait too long to handle these issues, you run the risk of needing an AC replacement instead of a repair. Keep in mind that consistency is important. If your AC makes strange sounds on the installation day, it might be normal. If it continues, it could be a repair issue. Talk to your local HVAC repair technician if you are uncertain.

How to Fix an AC That’s Not Cooling

Air conditioners provide a cold, comfortable environment for you and your family. If your home still feels warm after turning up the AC, check the ducts. If they are no longer together, or one has been damaged, that could be the reason for your cooling issues.

You might also need to add more refrigerant. Decreasing levels could mean there’s leaking in your unit. If this leak accompanies any strange or loud sounds (e.g., hissing), ask your AC technician to come out right away.

The best way to fix an AC that’s not cooling or that’s having other issues is to call the professionals. It’s also important to maintain your AC at home if you have time by swapping out the filter every one to three months, cleaning the coils, keeping tabs on the ducts, and booking an AC tune-up once per year with Columbia Heating & Cooling (ideally in the spring).

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