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Written by Columbia HVAC

Air Conditioning Options for Older Homes

While new construction is on the rise in the Portland Metro area, the city has plenty to offer when it comes to beautiful older homes full of character and charm. Many of these older homes were constructed before modern air conditioning became a regular household amenity.

If you’re lucky enough to live in one of these classic Portland dwellings, but struggle with the idea of battling the summer heat without air conditioning, there are still affordable options available to retrofit modern air conditioning systems into the construction of older homes.

You may get the impression that installing an air conditioning system would require extensive construction that could compromise the integrity of the home’s original structure. Typically, installing air conditioning in an older home means installing ductwork and lowering ceilings or building out walls to hide the ductwork.

Fortunately, there are air conditioning systems that allow for much less ductwork, such as mini-split systems. Mini-split systems allow for individual units, installed room by room. These units only require a thin refrigerant and power line which connect to an outdoor compressor and fan. Mini-split systems tend to be more economical, as they can be installed in just a few of your most used rooms.

Any retrofitting will require some degree of construction and modifications to the original structure of an older home. Retrofits will, however, save money compared to having an entire new system installed and completely changing the original ductwork.

Our team of experienced HVAC professionals at Columbia Heating & Cooling can help you determine which air conditioning solution is right for your home – old construction or new. We’re ready to help you find the most economical, efficient, and comfortable solution. The hot weather has already hit the Northwest. Give us a call today! We look forward to helping you with your air conditioning needs.