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Is it time to replace your gas furnace? We’re here to help! Our HVAC experts will help you pick the right-sized furnace for your home and answer any questions about pricing and the installation process. Give us a call at (503) 624-2704 or fill out the form below to get started.

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FREE Gas Furnace Installation Estimate

When you’re in the market for a new furnace, finding the ideal location for your system and the right-sized system for your space (psst! a larger furnace doesn’t always mean more heat) is critical to keeping your heating costs low and your home warmed efficiently. The experts at Columbia HVAC can help you select the right unit and provide a 100% free estimate for any all-new system. A new, professionally installed furnace at a fair price.

Looking for a quote? Our HVAC technicians are ready to help! Click to call.

Gas Furnace Repair

Does your furnace come to life with a bang? Perhaps the clunks and clangs of heating your home are what keep you up at night. Strange sounds or little heat emitting from your furnace can be indicative of an issue. Call our NATE certified technicians and avoid turning an easy fix into a big problem. From diagnosis to total gas furnace repair, you can count on Columbia Heating and Cooling!

Gas Furnace Service / Tune-Up

Regular maintenance is key to a healthy, efficient HVAC. In fact, we wrote a blog post specifically about why your furnace needs an annual tune-up. Some of the major reasons are to maintain an efficient system, prevent unnecessary repair costs, and avoid voiding your system warranty – to name a few. The experts at Columbia Heating and Cooling offer multi-point maintenance to keep you and your family comfortable and your utility and lifetime gas furnace repair costs low.

Financing Options: Make Your HVAC Dreams a Reality

The comfort of our customers comes first – and a fully functioning furnace is critical to staying cozy. Needing a furnace replacement can catch families by surprise. In an effort to keep our customers warm, we’ve teamed up with Microf, Payzer, and Wells Fargo to create accessible financing options so that our customers can rent-to-own, take out a loan, and pay off their Carrier products over time. Contact us and our HVAC experts will be happy to work with you on a financing plan that fits your needs and budget!

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