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Proudly Providing Furnace Installation in the Aloha Area

Columbia Heating & Cooling is the premier service for furnace installation in Aloha, Oregon. We have decades of combined experience and always guarantee high-quality, long-lasting installation and replacements. Our services always exceed expectations, thanks to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

When you choose Columbia Heating & Cooling as your preferred furnace installation service in Aloha, your home or business is sure to stay comfortable all season long. Our furnace installation services are always backed by warranties and customer guarantees so you can rest easy. For a worry-free winter season, you know you can count on Columbia Heating & Cooling!

Homeowners and business owners love working with us — and so will you! We work diligently to ensure your furnace installation is up to code and industry standards. We guarantee your system will work perfectly on the very first day and for years to come.

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NATE-Certified Technicians

NATE stands for North American Technician Excellence. NATE certification is one of the most widely recognized certifications in the HVAC industry. In order to qualify for NATE certification, prospective technicians must undergo a series of exams. Furnace installations and other HVAC installs require up-to-date industry knowledge, as well as mental and physical skills.

When you work with Columbia Heating & Cooling, your furnace installation in Aloha or elsewhere in the metro area is always performed by a NATE-certified technician. You can rest easy knowing that an experienced and qualified technician is always available to help.

Signs You Need a Furnace Installation

There are several signs to look for that indicate a new furnace installation is in your future. It is important to keep in mind that furnace problems should never be ignored. If you notice any of the following signs described below, be sure to contact Columbia Heating & Cooling ASAP for an inspection.

  • Your Furnace is 10-15 Years Old. Your furnace is not meant to last forever. The typical lifespan of a furnace is only about 10-15 years. Some models may last longer than others, depending on maintenance and other factors. We encourage you to schedule an inspection if you have an aging system to ensure it is still working properly.
  • Your Energy Bill has Increased. Have you noticed that your energy costs seem to increase year after year, even though your usage has been the same? This sign usually means your system is less efficient than it once was and must work twice as hard for half the output. Thus, your wallet pays the price. A furnace installation upgrade can help alleviate this problem.
  • Your Home Heats Unevenly. Your furnace should heat the rooms in your home evenly. If some rooms are ice cold while others are cozy and warm, you may be looking at a furnace problem. If the vents are open, but you still notice temperature discrepancies from room to room, give us a call.
  • Your Furnace is Making New or Strange Noises. Your furnace should be fairly quiet. Some noise is normal, but you should contact our team for an inspection ASAP if you hear loud banging, scaping, or popping.
  • You Notice Cracks or Rust. Sometimes, the only remedy for this problem is a brand new furnace installation. Cracks or rust usually indicate that a furnace is nearing the end of its lifespan.  
  • Repairs are More Frequent. Your furnace should perform well and reliably year after year. Maintenance before and/or after the winter season should be enough to keep your furnace in good shape. If you find yourself calling often for repairs throughout the winter, it is time to upgrade and request a furnace installation.
  • The Burner Flame is Yellow. The burner flame on your furnace should be blue. If there is dirt in the burner or the natural gases within your system are not mixing properly, it can change the color of the flame. You will need to request an inspection ASAP if you notice a change in the burner flame color.

Special Financing for Furnace Installation | Aloha, OR

When you need a furnace installation or replacement, there is no time to wait. That’s why we offer special financing options so you can receive your install now and pay later. With the Well Fargo Home Projects Credit Card, you can finance a new furnace installation and keep your home warm all season long without breaking your bank. 

Learn more over on our Financing Page.

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Ready to receive your furnace installation? Aloha homeowners and businesses know they can count on our team! Columbia Heating & Cooling is available in any season at any time to help install the system you need. 

Our NATE-certified technicians recommend the best installation for your lifestyle and budget. We deliver exactly what you need to keep your home or business comfortable, without tacking on extra or unnecessary services to your bill. With our commitment to exceptional customer service, you never have to worry about unexpected surprises on your final bill.

Furnace installation in Aloha has never been easier, all thanks to our team. With decades of combined experience and a commitment to exceptional customer service, you can count on us to deliver the results you need with every install, repair, and tune-up.

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