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Furnace Repair & Maintenance in Portland, Oregon

No one should be without the proper heart come fall or winter, and quick furnace repairs are even more important if you have children or elderly people living in your home. Schedule a repair service with Columbia Heating & Cooling today to nix your heating issue.

Furnace Problems That Say It’s Time for a Repair

Don’t look past the obvious signs that your furnace needs a repair. In addition to sudden, drastic changes in your electric bill, here are some things to watch for:

Heat Doesn’t Work

Most of us like to keep our homes cool at a comfortable 68 degrees or so. Once it gets colder, you might bump that up a few degrees to prevent a cold spell in your home. 

What happens when your furnace does nothing when you update the thermostat settings? It could be a thermostat problem or a furnace repair issue. Talk to Columbia Heating & Cooling, and you can expect a diagnosis in as little as a few minutes of your inspection.

Impossible to Turn On

We see this issue the most with older furnaces. If it takes more than one attempt to kick your furnace on, it’s worth it to call your local repair specialists.

Typically, problems with turning on the furnace are caused by minor wiring or thermostat issues. The regular course of action is to switch out the damaged part, and normally, your furnace will be back up right away.

Unpleasant Smells

Your furnace might smell off when you first install it. However, if that smell continues or if an old furnace is suddenly smelling strange, it’s best to call the professionals.

Two smells to watch for are burning (a possible soot accumulation within the heat exchanger) or mildew (a potential leak that’s causing mold).

Unexplainable Noises

It’s rare that you’ll find a furnace that’s noise-free. However, if your furnace is loud to the point where it’s affecting your daily life or if the noises don’t stop, take note, and call your local HVAC professionals.

If you hear any squealing or whistling sounds, there could be a problem with the belt or fan. Any type of banging noises or loud groans are often due to damage within the HVAC unit.

Possible Reasons Why My Furnace Isn’t Working

Furnace repair issues happen for multiple reasons, often due to the thermostat. You might also experience problems if you need to clean your air filter or flame sensor.

The next thing we usually look at is the heat exchanger. If anything is restricting the airflow, the heat exchanger can overheat, which can lead to cracks.

We must take care of any cracks or related issues with your heat exchanger right away, as leaving them alone can cause dangerous gases to enter your home. Whatever the issue is, Columbia Heating & Cooling will find it and get it fixed.

Schedule a Furnace Repair Near Me | PDX

It’s not enough to call a furnace technician. You need a technician who can get to you fast and handle all types of furnace issues, from emergency repairs (heat won’t turn on in the winter) to other repairs, such as thermostat setting problems.

We’re among the top heating repair specialists in Portland, and we’ve helped countless homeowners and business owners throughout the area stay cool for almost 40 years. Let us help you. Call Columbia Heating & Cooling today at (503) 624-2704, or reach out via the link below.

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