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Ideal Locations to Install a Gas Furnace

Figuring out where to install a new gas furnace can be tricky for many people settling into a new house or remodeling their home. For those unfamiliar with HVAC systems, questions such as “Does the size of the room matter?” and “Are there hazards I should be aware of?” are especially common. The team at Columbia Heating and Cooling is well versed in gas furnace installation and can offer a little expert advice and a couple key things to consider before selecting your installation site.

To run most efficiently, your furnace will need a space with ample fresh air, a source of natural gas, and proper ventilation. These necessary components can be found in large spaces like basements, utility rooms, and garages as well as confined spaces like an attic or closet.

Before trying to determine where to put a gas furnace, it’s wise to locate your gas line. Check to see if a closet or your basement has already been stubbed to accommodate an appliance. If not, you’ll need to measure how much piping will connect your gas furnace to its power source.

If you’re considering a small space for your gas furnace:

Check for Clearance

Remember that all sides of the furnace should be easily accessible for maintenance. Small closets can prove problematic if there is very little space between your furnace and the walls.

Consider Airflow

The amount of air available for combustion will impact not only the longevity of your investment but also your health. To avoid the dangerous production of carbon monoxide, avoid placing gas furnaces in confined spaces with laundry machines or water heaters – there won’t be enough air for each appliance.

Ensure Ventilation

If nestled into a snug location like a closet, some handiwork may be required to provide enough space for 2 ventilation sites and connection to a power source.

If you’re considering an open space for your gas furnace:

Check Your Basement/Garage

Basements and garages may already have the ventilation systems needed for a furnace to operate. For example, already-exposed rafters may prevent you from having to cut through drywall to install your furnace. If there’s already a water heater in your basement – bonus! That means there’s likely a ventilation system your furnace can run through, eliminating the need to create an entirely new one.

Elevate a Furnace in a Garage

Garages often contain flammable gas from storing motorized vehicles. Gasoline fumes are heavier than oxygen and hover lower to the ground – potentially and dangerously close to a pilot light or burner. A platform that raises the furnace at least 18 inches from the floor mitigates fire.

Regardless of whether you opt for a confined storage closet or a large, breathable garage with plenty of room for your shiny new furnace, Columbia Heating and Cooling is here to help. Professional installation and regularly scheduled maintenance ensures a longer-lasting furnace and tip-top efficiency for heating your home!

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