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Written by Columbia HVAC

Switch To Natural Gas and Save

Do you have an older home that’s racking up big utility bills each month? Natural gas may be a great upgrade to consider. Learn more about the benefits of natural gas below and even more incentives to make the switch.

Cut back on monthly utility bills. It’s estimated that NW Natural customers can cut heating bills in half by using natural gas instead of oil or electric heating sources. Natural gas is a regulated utility, without any costly mark ups, this means you’re only paying for the services associated with getting the gas to your home and the amount of gas you use.

Reduce your carbon footprint.
Natural gas is not only more plentiful and efficient, it’s also one of the cleanest burning fossil fuels. If you’re using natural gas in your home, you’re producing 37% less greenhouse gas emissions than a home with electric appliances. Carbon dioxide emissions are 45% less than conventional fuel and 30% less than oil.

Have reliable energy when you need it most. Not only can natural gas be utilized in a power outage, it provides instant fuel for heating large spaces, water, and cooking. Heat can be precisely controlled and produce quick results. A well-maintained natural gas furnace can provide around 20 years of service.

Increase the resale value of your home. More people are looking to make the switch to natural gas and it can be a great selling feature for any home.

More Ways to Save
Natural gas helps you save on utility bills each month, but did you know there are even more opportunities to save? We’re ready to help you make the transition to natural gas and help you save on the cost of switching. Starting in September, we’re offering the following to our customers:

Instant Invoice Credit when you convert from oil/electric to gas:

Furnace only, no ECM, or Boiler only =$300

Furnace, no ECM, PLUS Air Conditioner = $600

NW Natural Customer Incentive* (cash back):

Furnace only, no ECM, or Boiler only = $700

Learn about even more ways to save with special offers from NW Natural and incentive programs from the states of Oregon and Washington.

We’re a NW Natural Preferred Contractor who is ready to help you on the path to energy savings. Contact us today to find out if making the switch is the best solution for your HVAC needs. We’ll provide you with a 100% free estimate and help you determine which natural gas products and services are best for your home.

* Columbia Heating & Cooling is a NW Natural Preferred Contractor. Check for gas availability online or call NW Natural for more information at 800-927-6123