Written by Mark Savage

Tamara Jaynes

We moved into a 1947 home that includes an attached apartment for my elderly father, and an office over the garage. We needed a new furnace, air conditioner or ducts for our what we loving refer to as “The Compound.” It was a big job that also included 2 gas lines to fireplaces, a gas line to the BBQ, a gas line to the dryer and a radiant heater in the offer. We picked Columbia Cooling and Heating over multiple other choices in the market place based on reading a few reviews, speaking in length with the sales manager and talking with two past customers. Columbia exceeded our expectations, which believe me isn’t an easy feat. Price was competitive and service was exceptional from the office to the owner. They couldn’t have been more polite and respectful to my dog, my home, and me. Everyone arrived on time and left as anticipated. And they even did a great job cleaning up.