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Written by Columbia HVAC

Going Away for the Holidays? Leave The Heat On

During the winter months, many people travel to spend time with loved ones during the holiday. Turning off your furnace may seem like the right idea. Logically, it seems like you could save money on your heating bills and conserve energy. In reality, turning off your thermostat will do just the opposite.

Completely turning off your furnace could cost you. Once you return home, you’ll have to heat your house back up to a comfortable temperature, causing your furnace to work harder. More energy is used than if you were to just let your HVAC unit run at a lower temperature. Instead of turning off your thermostat completely, try turning it down 7 to 10 degrees instead.

If you live in an area prone to freezing or below freezing temperatures, completely turning off your heat could lead to damaged pipes in your kitchen, bathroom, or along exterior walls. When water freezes inside of pipes, it expands, which can cause them to burst. Burst pipes are expensive to repair and can often cause structural damage to your home. You can prevent burst pipes when you leave town by leaving the heat on in your house with a temperature no lower than 55 degrees.

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve luxury level comfort in your home this winter. Looking to replace an older HVAC unit? We have energy efficient solutions to help you save money on utility bills all year long. For your convenience, Columbia Heating and Cooling provides FREE replacement quotes. Give us a call today before the winter weather hits the Northwest!