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Written by Columbia HVAC

Going On Vacation? Don’t Forget to Set Your Thermostat

If you’re planning on getting away for some R&R this summer, remember to strategically program your thermostat. Making sure your home doesn’t get overheated, or is left with the air conditioner set at full blast, will only save you money in the long run.

To make it simple, when you’re on summer vacation, the general rule of thumb is to add four degrees to the normal temperature setting*. For example, your thermostat is typically set at 72 degrees, increase it to 76 degrees.

Why not just turn off your A/C completely? There are several factors, the most important being that it can actually be more energy efficient to keep the A/C running. If the weather gets hot enough, your home could heat into the triple digits. This means you would need to cool it down 20-30 degrees once you got back home. This cool down process causes your system to have to work harder than if you set your thermostat at a consistent temperature.

It’s also better to leave the A/C on if you have wood floors or sheetrock. If your home gets too hot for a long period of time, wood can buckle or expand and compounds in Sheetrock can become damaged.

Here are some other tips to help you save on your energy bill while on vacation:

– Lower your blinds and curtains
– Lower the water heater thermostat
– Unplug electrical equipment
– Use programmable timers for interior/exterior lights

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*Don’t forget about your pets! If you’re leaving pets home while on vacation, take their comfort and safety into consideration.