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Written by Columbia HVAC

Keep Cool & Save This Summer

Summer is just around the corner. Is your A/C unit in top working condition? If it’s been a while since you’ve had your system inspected, you may be in for a surprise when you see your energy bill. An air conditioner can use more than 16% of total electricity. Here are a few ways to insure your HVAC system will perform efficiently and save on utility costs.

Weatherize Your Windows
Making sure your windows are sealed properly may seem like a task to help you get ready for the winter months. However, you’ll be wanting to keep the cool air trapped in your home, just as much as you want to conserve heat in the winter. Check for air leaks and repair with caulking and weather stripping. Add more insulation around air conditioning ducts and put up window film on windows that get a lot of sun.

Cater to Your Unit
Having your A/C unit installed in a shaded area helps it run more efficiently. Avoid having the unit installed in an area with a lot of surrounding asphalt or cement. These elements radiate heat and will increase the overall temperature of your home. Air flow can be improved by making sure plants and landscaping are trimmed at least four feet from the unit.

Ceiling Fans
Installing ceiling fans in strategic locations around your home can only benefit your energy bill and help circulate cool air flow. Switch the direction your fan is spinning for optimal cooling. Changing the direction to counter-clockwise pushes the cool air down.

Program the Air Flow
Turn down the A/C flow at work. Setting up a timer on your thermostat will help you do this automatically. Set the air to kick back on when you’re home. Running your A/C at 78 degrees is optimal for the unit and will help it run at an efficient performance level.

Call in the Professionals
There are few things more irritating than expecting your A/C to work on a hot summer day and having the unit fail. Be prepared for the summer heat and stay on top of HVAC maintenance. Call us to come out and inspect your unit to make sure it’s in summer-ready condition. Our HVAC professionals are ready to help with tune-ups and provide any recommendations on how to improve efficiency. Contact us today – we’re happy to answer any questions you have about keeping your home cool this summer.