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Written by Columbia HVAC

Set Your Thermostats for Summer & Energy Savings

We’ve already had a few days of summer weather here in the PNW, and even warmer is just around the corner. As we head into the summer season, our team at Columbia Heating and Cooling has a few tips to help you ensure your thermostat and air conditioner are working together for maximum energy-efficient savings.

Get the most energy savings this summer with these helpful tips:

Set Your Thermostat for Maximum Savings

Here is a good rule of thumb to follow when setting your thermostat during the summer: The smaller the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, the lower your overall cooling bill will be. For the most energy savings, the Department of Energy recommends setting your thermostat to 78ºF during the summer.

Ease Into Using Your A/C

Don’t wait until peak temperatures arrive to start using your air conditioner. Gradually lower or raise the temperature and avoid trying to make your home drastically cooler. Temperature swings can result in unnecessary expenses, will cause your A/C to work harder, and won’t cool down your home any faster.

Keep Temperatures Higher When You’re Away

Set your thermostat to be warmer when you’re out during the day or away on vacation. Setting your thermostat to turn the A/C on shortly before you arrive home, can help increase your energy savings and lower your utility bills.

Schedule Preventative Maintenance

Getting an A/C tune-up from our staff of HVAC professionals means fewer costly repairs down the line. Schedule your preventative maintenance before summer officially starts.

Ask Us About Thermostat Options

From analog to programmable, to smart thermostats – there are many options available. If you’re interested in upgrading to a thermostat that does the thinking for you and works with your HVAC system to provide energy savings, give us a call! And don’t forget, Columbia Heating and Cooling offers a FREE programmable thermostat with any “all-new” installation that includes a furnace/AC OR a furnace/heat pump.