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Written by Columbia HVAC

True or False? Test Your A/C Knowledge

Pop quiz! Test your air conditioner knowledge and take our True or False quiz. School isn’t out for the summer just yet. Will you ace this A/C exam? Pencils ready and eyes on your own paper!

True or False?

  1. Investing in a larger air conditioner will keep your home cooler.
  1. Briefly opening a window during winter to air your home out is a good idea.
  1. Rapidly lowering the temperature of your thermostat helps cool your home down more quickly.
  1. Closing the vents and registers in unused rooms will save money.
  1. You should schedule preventative maintenance once a year.



  1. False
    The A/C in your home was likely chosen and installed because it is the correct size for the amount of space that it needs to cool. Air conditioners that are too small or too large will not work properly. Size is important. Just because an air conditioner has a larger capacity, doesn’t necessarily mean it will keep your home cooler. If you think your A/C may have been improperly fitted, give us a call.
  1. True 
    You can briefly open windows during the winter to alleviate stale, stuffy or stagnant air. If you don’t want all of your heat to escape, shut the windows again after a short period.
  1. False
    While your home will eventually become cooler if you lower the temperature quickly, it will cause your air conditioner to work harder and run longer. This will raise your utility bills and it hard on your entire HVAC system.
  1. False
    Closing vents and closing off rooms will not help save money on your utility bills. In fact, it could have an adverse effect. Closing vents increases the pressure in your air ducts which impacts how effectively your blower works.
  1. False…Well, okay, kind of False 
    You should definitely schedule A/C maintenance at least once a year before summer arrives. However, we recommend having Columbia Heating and Cooling perform preventative maintenance once in the spring and again in the fall. We can perform inspections of your entire HVAC system during these scheduled appointments to make sure that everything is working effectively and efficiently.

Ready to schedule your spring maintenance before summer arrives? Call Columbia Heating and Cooling today and schedule to have one of our experienced and certified HVAC technicians perform an 11-point A/C tune-up.