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Written by Columbia HVAC

How to Get Your Home Ready for an HVAC Technician

Are you ready for one of our NATE-certified technicians to come to your home and tune up your HVAC equipment? Schedule an appointment with us today and start getting your home ready for our visit. We do our best to help make sure the appointment goes as smoothly as possible – but with your help, we can be even more efficient and effective.

Take a look at our checklist of things you can do ahead of time to prepare for your appointment with Columbia Heating and Cooling:

1. Put Away the Pets

We love your furry friends, but sometimes the feeling isn’t mutual! We never know how an animal will react to strangers in their home, so it’s best to play it safe. Help us give your pets their personal space by putting them in a safe, quiet location while we’re working on your HVAC equipment.

2. Locate Your Equipment

Do you know where your indoor equipment is located? How about outdoor equipment? Thermostats? It will save time if you know the answer to these questions in advance.

3. Clear Out the Clutter

It’s very helpful to have easy access to your HVAC equipment. Clear any debris or obstructions around both your indoor and outdoor units. Make sure that we have a clear path to any equipment and that all fragile or breakable items are put away for safekeeping.

4. Prepare Your Questions.

If you have any questions or concerns about the way your HVAC is functioning, write them down ahead of time. Though you’re welcome to give us a call whenever you’d like, it may save you time to ask our technician during your appointment and then you’ll get answers right away.

Don’t wait! Give us a call and schedule your spring tune-up appointment with Columbia Heating and Cooling today! To learn what happens during our 11-point air conditioner tune-up, check out our blog post What We Do During Spring Maintenance.