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Fall Leaves and Your HVAC Unit

When picturing Fall, your thoughts probably drift to crisp, cool days, warm colors, and falling leaves. And though the leaves are beautiful, they can cause some problems for your HVAC unit – especially yours happens to be located directly below a tree in the leaf-line-of-fire. Check out these simple tips to keep your unit running smoothly and efficiently as the season changes.

Exterior HVAC units are built to be extremely durable. After all, they’re designed to be outdoors in the elements and the unit itself is meant to last 10 to 15 years with proper maintenance. However, leaves (and pine needles – if you’re lucky enough to encounter the rare sort that drops all its needles every year) can make their way into your unit and increase the risk of damage. This is especially true if they begin crowding the compressor unit. This can reduce the efficiency of your system – which can, in turn, raise energy bills and require unnecessary maintenance costs if something breaks.

Here are a few simple steps to avoid these issues and prevent unnecessary damage:

  1. Start by clearing leaves and debris within two feet of your HVAC unit to ensure that the system’s compressor is able to run smoothly.
  2. To remove debris that is already present in your HVAC unit, be sure to switch the power off first – then carefully open and clear the unit of the debris.
  3. Be sure to clean the interior walls of your HVAC system to avoid grime buildup.

Many homeowners wonder whether or not to cover their HVAC units during fall and winter months. In general, simple yard maintenance is the best way to keep your HVAC happy and clear of debris so it can continue running smoothly for you and your family.

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